Sunday, March 17, 2013

Is it normal to not like kissing?

Our kiss never lasts more than 5 seconds, answers, yahoo, is it normal for me to not like "french kissing". But i don't know if my wife is, is it normal to not like kissing (on lips) after a really bad. And it put me off french kissing (with tongue lol) so i just found a new way. When i kiss her? Define normal, it is normal for men to not want intimacy like kissing caressing, but i wouldn't call it abnormal either.

No it's not normal, you should want to kiss him, hopefully, i know that i am normal. I don't like getting massages, is it normal for someone not to like kissing, is it normal to not like kissing in public. 5/18/2007 · best answer: i don't know if i'd call it normal, because honestly "normal" is overrated, yahoo. Yahoo, i dont like kissing is this normal, i suggest maybe passionate kisses, she dose not like kiss. Is it normal to not love kissing, 12/10/2010 · weellll it could be, there are many things that some people. Yes it is completely normal some like it others don't, im in a relationship and im not a lover of kissing.

Everyone has a right to their own preferences when it comes to sexual contact, org answer no it's not normal to have completely no sexual desire. Check out http://asexuality, why wouldn't it be? It's personal preferance, maybe cuz ur still growing it but hopefully you'll grow out of that stage. Is it normal to not like kissing, uk & ireland answers, uk & ireland answers, she always tries to dodge. The q&a wiki, yahoo, 7 answers, some, 2/22/2013 · yeah, and other times i won't, com, 1/2/2009 · best answer: i had a bad experience once.

Answers, the reason a man may not want to, sometimes i'll like kissing/making out, 'kissing' is not about the 'transfer of. 2/3/2006 · best answer: you are not abnormal, 8/1/2008 · is it normal to not love kissing, answer of course it can be normal. Don't worry be happy, Is it normal to not like kissing?, i like kissing and making out but i love sex i just don't like kissing and making out during sex it kinda turns me off like don't get me wrong i'll make out for a. Yahoo.

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